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With Apple’s newest iPhone OS 3.1.3 internet tethering is officially available for factory unlocked iPhones. But for some reason my tethering option disappeared directly after I activated it the first time after the update.

I tried to delete my network settings, re-install the carrier profile but all without success.

How to re-enable tethering

  1. Sync with iTunes to create a recent backup
  2. Restore your iPhone using iTunes
  3. When the restore is finished, unplug your iPhone after its activated. Don’t restore your backup! Don’t set it up as a new iPhone!
  4. Configure WiFi and browse to help.benm.at with Safari and select Tethering
  5. Choose your country and your provider. In my case its E-Plus, Germany.
  6. Install the profile and reboot your iPhone (Update for iOS 4: If you have problems importing your profile just skip this and enter your network settings manually)
  7. Now your tethering option should be back. Configure and test it.
  8. Connect your iPhone with iTunes and restore your backup. The tethering option will survive.

Good luck!

7 Responses to “Re-enable iPhone tethering with 3.1.3”

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  2. Stonefred says:

    That does also work without benm.at profiles, if you configure the Settings->General->Network->Mobile Network->Tethering APN. This does not work for apple supported carriers like T-Mobile Germany.

  3. Yannick says:

    Doesn’t work with t-mobile Netherlands and iPhone 4.

  4. IceSheep says:

    Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for me. After resetting the phone, the Tethering settings are there and Tethering works fine. But after restoring my backup the Tethering settings are missing again 🙁

    iPhone 3GS (new bootrom), iOS 4.0.1, o2 Germany

  5. Helal says:

    I am fairly new to all tethering stuff. I downloaded the profile for ATT, rebooted but tethering option is gone! I have iPhone 4 with OS 4.1.

  6. IceSheep says:

    Helal, iOS 4.1 isn’t there yet, I guess you mean Version 4.0.1.

    My tethering option is finally back. I don’t know which step actually brought it back, though. I think I made a reboot and visited jailbreakme.com (with sliding the slider, of course 😉 ) since the last time I looked for the option.

  7. Helal says:

    IceSheep, you are right, I meant 4.0.1. I visited jailbreakme again with no avail. The AT&T profile indicates “Unsigned”! what’s that? any ideas?

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