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OS X LionJuniper Network Connect is Juniper’s cross-platform VPN client coming with many Juniper appliances. The OS X client installs itself using a browser Java plugin when connecting to the company’s VPN portal. In the first Lion beta the Java browser plugin is not available so you cannot install the client. Its also not possible to just drag and drop the client from an existing Snow Leopard installation as the Network Connect installer installs some files in other directories than /Applications.

You can, however, use the installer DMG from the Juniper appliance itself when you have administrative access to it. If not, ask your company’s administrator.

Just mount the DMG and launch the .pkg installation file. It installs and runs just fine on Lion

9 Responses to “Install Juniper Network Connect on OS X Lion beta”

  1. George says:

    What version of Juniper Network Connect and Lion were you using? I’ve tried both 6.4.x and 6.5.x on the latest Lion Developer Preview 4 and no luck – the ncproxyd process keeps dying and respawning.

  2. Kai says:

    I’m using Network Connect 7.1.0 (18193) on Lion 11A494a.

  3. Dave Everitt says:

    Today, I found ~/Library/Application Support/Juniper Networks/ but despite searching, cannot find what these two .jar files and the ‘whitelist.txt’ file actually do? Can someone please explain? My closest guess: I use Dropbox and Spotify…

  4. Yogeesh says:

    @Kai: Would you please send me download link?

  5. Kai says:

    @Yogeesh: Follow this link to enable JAVA in Lion: http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=20110730113328796

    Then open your companies VPN site and Network Connect should start as in previous builds.

  6. Amit Bhagia says:


    On 10.7.4 with safari 5.1.7- Juniper network connect client shows up with transparent login and password entry fields. Any fix for this?


  7. Joseph says:

    It’s happening on (32-bit) 10.6.8 w/ Safari 5.1.7 also. Network Connect is version 7.0.0.

  8. Brian Rose says:

    I can confirm this issue on 15 other 10.7 systems with the latest system updates.
    If you click in the input boxes your click will be passed to the application behind network connect.

    Open network connect, tab to the login, and enter in credentials (do not click inside the input boxes).

    If you can’t tab to the fields, try enabling Apple’s “Full keyboard access”
    •control+f7 to toggle
    •system preferences->keyboard->keyboard shortcuts->full keyboard access “Full Control”


  9. Bill Teeple says:


    I believe it is from Safari 5.1.7 – before 5.1.7, this was not a problem. My Network Connect is 7.1.0 (20169).

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