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Auf der Seacon 2010 am 29.06.10 im Atlantic-Hotel in Hamburg wird das Internal IT Admin-Team der XING AG eine Live-Retrospektive vor Publikum halten! Das ist die ideale Chance, ein Admin-Team, das nach Kanban arbeitet, kennenzulernen und zu befragen!

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The bad news is that you may lose your tethering option after updating to iOS 4 from your previous iPhone OS 3.1.3 installation. The good news is that my 3.1.3 solution still works with iOS 4, so just follow https://www.kaisblog.de/2010/02/19/reenable-iphone-tethering-313/ to re-enable tethering on iOS 4. Good luck.

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Yesterday we had a little brainstorming session in our admin team where our IT documentation was one thing to discuss. The result was, that we need to change our documentation tool to something faster and easier to use. And my team developed some incredible ideas which we implemented and I want to share them with you now.

What we had

  • Mediawiki wiki system
  • customizable but uncomfortable
  • slow, because we had to login, go to the correct page, edit this page and then save it. Continue Reading »

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DELL BIOS screenToday I spent half of my day trying to flash the BIOS of my homeserver which is a DELL Vostro 200 running Linux. The Vostro 200 system is not eqipped with a floppy drive. The problem is that DELL ships new BIOS files as a DOS/Windows hybrid which cannot be executed by Linux systems.

By following these steps you’ll get a bootable USB stick running FreeDOS capable of running DELL’s flash tool (Windows required):

  1. Download ODIN, which is a FreeDOS distribution: http://odin.fdos.org/odin2005/odin2880.img Continue Reading »

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During my CeBIT 2010 visit I stumbled upon a new offer from Strato: HiDrive. That’s an online storage solution starting with 100GB without traffic limitations. Supported protocols are WEBDAV(S), CIFS/SMB (even via openvpn!), FTP, SCP and rsync. As a special bonus to CeBIT visitors they offered the 100GB entry package for 1€ in the first year.

I use this storage as a backup solution of my home file server. As a benefit I can mount this storage from anywhere and access my files faster than using a VPN to my home server. Continue Reading »

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With Apple’s newest iPhone OS 3.1.3 internet tethering is officially available for factory unlocked iPhones. But for some reason my tethering option disappeared directly after I activated it the first time after the update.

I tried to delete my network settings, re-install the carrier profile but all without success.

How to re-enable tethering

  1. Sync with iTunes to create a recent backup Continue Reading »

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Nicht nur in diesem Blog war mein erster Post ein Beitrag zum Thema agile Systemadministration, sondern auch im Corporate Blog der XING AG.

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Speed-up your Mac

As a Mac administrator I’m often asked how to speed-up a Mac. This little post shows some tricks. But first of all you should know how a Mac starts:

  1. After turning it on, the Mac reads NVRAM variables.
  2. Then it boots from harddrive.
  3. The last thing is your profile with your desktop.


So where can we speed-up things? Lets start with NVRAM. In NVRAM are some variables like the startup device, your volume, keyboard language etc. Sometimes theses values get corrupted or lost or you may have them deleted by pressing CMD+ALT+P+R during startup to fix some problems. In this case the startup device is not defined and the Mac searches for a bootable device everytime you turn it on. To set your OS X partition as boot device, just go to system settings, startup device and select your OS X installation. You can verify this in terminal: Continue Reading »

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Update: As Ubuntu is quite similar to Debian, this howto can also be used for Ubuntu systems. I’ve tested this guide with Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS and Ubuntu Server 10.10 and I expect this to work on Debian 6 (Squeeze), too.

In Lenny, WordPress is already part of the apt repository. The downsite is that its a quite old version. So this little howto describes how to install the latest WordPress version (currently its 3.0.5) from its tarball by still retaining Debian’s file locations. You need a running LAMP configuration and root permissions to perform the next steps. I’ll use “YOUR.DOMAIN” as a placeholder for your blog domain. Please replace it with your real domain, which is something like “www.kaisblog.de”.

Before we start we need to check WordPress’ dependencies. Just type Continue Reading »

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iPad, aber…

Irgendwie gibt es ja kein anderes Thema mehr und ich möchte nun auch mal meinen Senf dazu geben. Mein Kollege Björn Waide hat ein paar Pro-Argumente genannt, die ich voll und ganz nachvollziehen kann. Dennoch scheinen viele die negativen Eigenschaften zu vergessen:

Apples Kontrollwahn

Wir alle kennen es vom iPhone: Nur von Apple zugelassene Software darf auf das Gerät. Dass das manchmal reine Willkür ist, ist bekannt. Bei einem Telefon kann man das verkraften, jetzt reden wir aber über einen kleinen Computer. Und auf diesem Computer darf z.B. der Firefox nicht laufen, weil er mit Apple-Technologie im Wettbewerb steht. Continue Reading »

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