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Here are some projects I’ve worked on in the past.

Stumpfsinn test, as published in German Amiga-Magazin back in 1996.

Amiga Software (unsupported)

  • Stumpfsinn 1.9
    Back in 1996 my best friend and I developed this little game. It features a funny story, loud music and a lot of jokes. Its your job to manage a company called Commodore as Mr. A. Stumpf and lead it into bankruptcy. Are you ready to waste money?

    Get Stumpfsinn 1.9 (German) from your nearest Aminet repository: AMINET/PUB/GAME/THINK/STUMPF19.LHA

  • BeatIT 2.0
    A swatch(c) netbeat clock for your Amiga Workbench. BeatIt 2.0 was mentioned on GIGA TV.
  • DoubeChat Prefs 1.0
    GUI for the great DoubleChat AmBoS BBS plugin.
  • LiJe DblPAL 1.0
    Hack to enhance the frequency oth the DblPAL driver. Reduces flickering a bit.
  • MWB Icons
    Some artwork for the great MagicWB.
  • Stumpfsinn II Music
    You’re a fan, right? Get the music of the never released Stumpfsinn II game. Its a ProTracker .mod file type.


dogabi2000.de (German, Domgymnasium Abitur 2000 alumni page)
mmp-verden.de (selling exclusive gifts)
muehlenplan.de (German, selling construction plans for several mills)


German Skype for Mac translation. Now maintained by Claudius Henrichs.
Get Skype for Mac.

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